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Companies belonging to the CATALINA GROUP have been operating on the Warsaw real estate market since 1995. Each company is managed by a team of experts demonstrating extensive knowledge and experience in the field of managing and supervising building projects. For years the companies of CATALINA GROUP have been partners to the largest banks operating on the Polish market. After a thorough analysis of the investments, the banks co-finance the projects while exercising an independent banking supervision over the construction process.

We guarantee products which will meet our clients' expectations, products constructed professionally while observing budgetary discipline and building costs limited to a minimum. Our future residents' comfort is our priority. Only reliable technologies and high quality traditional building materials are applied in the construction process. A modern approach towards architecture and the adjustment of our buildings to the needs and expectations of the contemporary customer guarantee the application of the best and most modern solutions available on the market. CATALINA GROUP is guided by the motto "Through quality we build trust", which reflects the extraordinary care and attention we pay to the quality of the products offered.